Bodywork sessions now in Berlin

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Matthew has been working as a massage therapist now for over twenty years. Initially trained in Swedish massage, he incorporates techniques and strokes from other massage disciplines to intuitively tailor each session to each client. He has trained in Swedish, Thai Foot, Seated Accupressure and Ayurvedic Head Massage. Matthew believes that bodies are beautiful and that each one has its own story to tell. His job as a therapist is to attempt to read your body, skilfully and lovingly easing away the tensions of life, allowing you to let go and reconnect with your physical self. This enables a healing journey towards holistic wellbeing, combining physical, emotional and spiritual health.

He works deeply yet tenderly on the body to eliminate the results of stress and tension, using just enough pressure to soothe and restore its natural function. The effects are both physical and psychological – the massage benefits the skin, muscles, blood vessels, lymphatic system, nerves and internal organs, while at the same time allowing you to feel loved and cared for due in part to the increased levels of the hormone oxytocin released during a session.

Check here to see what sessions and styles are available.

60’ for 80€
90’ for 110€
120’ for 135€

book a 4-class yoga package and receive 20% off of the regular price on a bodywork session

book  yoga workshop and receive 10% off of the regular price on a bodywork session

To book contact Matthew at:
Tel.: +49 159 02056616

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