Yoga Workshop Seasons Series

181216-Yoga Workshop Winter Silence


Nature’s annual cycle is coming to its end, again. Long nights and short days are leading us to another Winter Solstice, making it easier for our senses to go inward. During this time of hot tea, warm hats and long sleeps, our bodies and minds get the chance to quieten down, hibernate and recharge for the new cycle lying ahead. It is now particularly hard to stay aware of and allow our natural rhythms to guide us through this quiet part of the year, while the world around us seems to be speeding up and becoming ever more frantic. Taking some time to listen and observe becomes even more crucial.

In this 3-hour workshop, asana and pranayama practices will be combined with meditation in order to work through our body and release the natural flow of life from within. As a result, we will become more aware of our physical selves, using a combination of both dynamic movement to create the necessary release, and passive movement to embed the new at a much deeper level.

This will be an opportunity to distance yourself for a moment from the hectic rhythms and expectations of everyday life and move your focus instead to the here and now. By centring ourselves, we open the channels for our inward radiance to shine.


Sunday 16th September 11.00 – 14.00

Yoga Pariser N°6

Pariser Strasse 6, 10719 Berlin


Workshop price 45 €

early bird booking until December 6th 38


Book a bodywork session with Matthew and receive 10% off of the regular price!

To book contact Elena at:

Tel.: +49 179 772 09 85

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