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17th Feb. and 3rd Mar. 2019 – Yin Yoga Special

Yin Yoga makes for a very gentle, passive practice, as opposed to more movement-oriented, vigorous, yang styles of yoga. It is intended to support the stretching of the body’s connective tissue, particularly around the joints, and allow for a build-up of receiving, feminine energy. Yin yoga is a slow practice, consisting of fewer poses held over several minutes, which allows you to enter deep yet gentle stretches by relaxing your muscles and letting gravity do the work for you.

In this 2-hour Yin Yoga Special class, we have the opportunity to take a deep breath and create a safe and loving space for ourselves. By giving our bodies time and taking away all other exterior pressures, we can enter a quieter, more meditative space. And as the world outside us quietens, we can finally start to listen. Listen to our bodies talking to us, listen to the subtle messages stored in our physical beings, and by listening accept what and who we are so we can let go on a deeper level. Through breath and sound we are able to access all our tight, blocked areas to allow our energy to flow once more.


Sunday 17th February and Sunday 3rd March 11.00 – 13.00
Fontanepromenade 16, 10967 Berlin

regular class price 25 €
***** early bird booking until February 15th 21€ per class / 40€ for both classes

Book a yoga class and a bodywork session with Matthew and receive 10% off of the regular bodywork price!

To book contact Elena at:
Tel.: +49 179 772 09 85


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