Mandali Experience Retreats

The Mandali Retreat Center offers an on-going programme of three, five and six-day Mandali experiences for anyone who wishes to disconnect from the daily stresses of life and discover their own natural flow.
Designed for everybody, the experience combines guided meditation, yoga, periods of silence and group sessions.

Elena will be teaching Yoga and Garuda will be available for sessions at Madnali’s Body Care Centre in the following upcoming retreats:

19.01.20 – 24.01.20    6 day Silent Mandali Experience
22.03.20 – 27.03.20.   6 day Silent Mandali Experience
27.03.20 – 29.03.20    3 day Silent Mandali Experience
19.07.20 – 24.07.20    6 day Mandali Experience
24.07.20 – 26.07.20    3 day Mandali Experience

For more information and bookings please contact Mandali directly.

+39 0323 826439

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