Bodywork, Yoga and Meditation Retreats & Trainings can combine yoga, breath work and meditation and bodywork and are structured around a specific topic. They are a wonderful option if you want to:

* take a time out and recharge
* deepen your practice and understanding of different practices
* explore specific topics through a variety of paths
* ad variety to your regular practice

Yoga & Meditation Retreats are happening in regular intervals at OSHO Afroz Meditation Center in Greece and Mandali Retreat Center in Italy

Bodywork Trainings coming soon

Depending on the location the number of participants might be limited. Please register in advance. Retreats and Trainings are generally open to all levels of experience, unless otherwise specified. 
If you wish to book or organise an retreat or training with us please contact us through
For current information about upcoming events check the following:

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