Dhyana Vargas, Berlin
Garuda’s Holistic Massage is soft and at the same time goes very deep. He managed to carefully go underneath layers and helped my muscles to relax and release tension without pain. I was feeling softer and spacious afterwards. Garuda stays very present with the client and shares this presence through his touch, always making sure that the client feels safe and comfortable. He is not only very professional but he has a gifted touch that is rare to find.

Sabina Ahmetspahic, Berlin
Golden heart and magic hands.

Tashita Arnold, London
Garuda brings a very strong presence to his treatments. He was very sensitive to what was happening in my body and also knowledgeable about how to respond. Over a sequence of sessions, we were able to work on problem areas and I could really feel the benefit. Garuda is an experienced, caring, committed bodyworker who is interested in all aspects of health and that comes through in his work. Highly recommended.

Jasmine Malachie, Amsterdam
‘I’m pretty picky when it comes to receiving treatments. When a friend advised me to book a session with Garuda I thought: hmm…I’m not sure I want to but let’s give it a try. I’m happy I did. Apart from being a skilled therapist he has this rare gift that I call ‘intelligent fingers’ or ‘tactile intelligence’. Which is a capacity to read a body with, and receive Information through one’s hands. It makes all the difference. What a great session!!!

A-Nisha Khatwani Asnani, Santa Monica
I took a massage with Garuda while I was at Osho Afroz. I have had many massages in my life. Garuda has one of the best techniques I have experienced. He was able to find all the knots and places that needed a little deeper work. Using mostly his thumb, he was able to get rid of them all. Most therapist use wrist and elbows, but with that it’s hard to find the smaller areas. I would recommend him any day and can’t wait to get another one from him soon. And one last thing- he also has a very sweet personality.

Artem Yegorov, Ukraine
Garuda has a very good combination of professional massage skills and space of heart, which makes you feel relaxed and totally healed after a session. I can recommend him if you want not only physical therapy but good energetic feelings too.

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