Bodywork Sessions at Osho Afroz


Bodywork Sessions at Osho Afroz Meditation Centre

Bringing awareness back into our bodies brings us directly back into the here and now, allowing for greater presence, awareness and witness. The body is wiser than the mind, and the senses allow us to perceive the totality of everything around us. Our bodies are also our vessel through life, our channel between the universe above our heads and the earth beneath our feet. That is why, although massage is essentially a deeply physical process, it is also a fundamentally spiritual one too. A journey of rediscovery through our bodies stimulates greater awareness, appreciation and acceptance of the reality of who we are. By allowing ourselves to stop and open up to the tenderness of a loving touch, we become more receptive to the abundance of life, more holistically connected and spiritually complete.

Holistic Therapeutic Massage sessions available from Matthew Dhyanraj Hallam exclusively at Osho Afroz Meditation Centre from now until the end of the season.


Contact Matthew at:
Tel.: +30 695 8355532
WhatsApp: +49 159 02056616
FB/Messenger Matthew Dhyanraj Hallam


Contact Osho Afroz Meditation Centre:
Mobile: +30.693.72.45.038

Holistic Therapeutic Massage, Thai Foot Massage, Relaxing Foot Massage

60′ Back-Neck-Shoulder-Arms Massage
90′ and 120′ Full Body Massage
60′ and 90′ Thai Foot Massage




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